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How has Joo Jin Mo been doing? What is New?

News: Joo Jin Mo's 2010 New Film A Better Tomorrow/Moo Jeak Ja have been in theater in September, 2010

Today is Joo Jin Mo's 36th Birthday. Find out Fun Things to do on Joo Jin Mo's Birthday Here.

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- the Garden Team, September, 2010








주진모-가든'(Joo Jin Mo's Garden)은 2009년 4월에 한국의 배우인 주진모에 대한 작은 선물로 만들어 졌습니다. 우리는 그에 밝은 미래를 기원합니다. - 주진모-가든 팬 일동

Joo Jin Mo's Garden

Was Founded in April, 2009

as a Gift for Korean Actor Joo Jin Mo

We Wish Him a Wonderful and Shinning Future

- Fans in the Garden

  Joo Jin Mo has been

GGIO II model since 2007. 

This album was from 2009 Winter/Fall catalog.

(all images were from

  This 'Impressions of Joo Jin Mo in Punch' was made in November 2009, after HY watched Punch, both LoveJooJinMo and HY felt this drama meant a lot to Jin Mo after 2 year no-acting window. We feel Jin Mo's love and passion for his career. We also appreciate so much that Jin Mo didn't quit.  
  This 'Happy Birthday, Joo Jin Mo' clip was made in the Garden in late August, 2009, after collecting 20+ fans' birthday greetings in the Garden blog and through emails.  
  Garden Forum

Where all Guests can see many of the fun topics, but registered members can find a lot more topics and enjoy fun features, such as Media and Chat.

You can only leave your comments when you register with the forum.

Registering with the Garden forum is very simple! Click Here for Step by Step guide.


  Garden Blog

Where you can find most of Joo Jin Mo's video clips (Movie Trailers, Interviews, CFs, NGs & Fan Made stuff)

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