Wish Joo Jin Mo’s 2009 drama “Dream” a big success in Japan. Also, Joo Jin Mo will visit Japan for My Dream promotion on June 27th

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Dear Joo Jin Mo’s fan,

How are you?

Are you enjoying the beautiful weather? Do you have a minute to look at the beautiful sky? Or, do you have a different weather, hot and humid? I guess some of you do. :)

In the past week, we, active members in the Garden, got quite busy working on a project – it is not big one, but it is significant one. Why?

1. Joo Jin Mo will appear at 3/13/2010 GGIO2 Model Autograph Signing event;

2. A good friend of ours from JJMnet is going to see Jin Mo on 3/13;

3. This friend gave us an offer that none of us can resist, :) – she’d love to help us to deliver our letter/card to Jin Mo’s hands (no kidding!) on 3/13;

4. One of us, a member from Singapore tried her best to find someone who helped us to translate our letter to Korean. This way, Jin Mo can understand what we are saying.

Below is one of our greeting card to Joo Jin Mo, in Korean.  There are 3 other cards.

If any of the above interests you, please check it out at

Joo Jin Mo – GGIO2 Autograph Signing Event on 03/13/2010 – Coming

Feel free to leave you comments. Hopefully you join us next time.







Joo Jin Mo's Garden - Greeting Card to Joo Jin Mo - GGIO2 Autograph Signing Event

Joo Jin Mo's Garden - Greeting Card to Joo Jin Mo - GGIO2 Autograph Signing Event

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Each one of Jin Mo’s fan, this is a Must See clip – a beautifully edited clip from Wanee and Junah by Mayi, Mexico. I just couldn’t believe my ears when I opened this link: Moon Represents My Heart/月亮代表我的心

How how, dear Mayi, figured this out?! Just amazing.

Joo Jin Mo, himself said once in an interview – among all the characters in his movies/drama, Junah is the closest one to him. That is somehow his true color.

How lovely to watch this – this beautiful song by Teresa Teng tells exactly how we feel about Joo Jin Mo.

The original description by Mayi at YT was:


http://www.joojinmo.org Joo Jin Mo’s Garden , no dudes en visitarnos si quieres saber todo acerca de Este hermoso actor coreano, es un sitio en Ingles con un Rincon Español, Si !! unete ^.~

Esta pelicula me gusto mucho porque hace un muy buen planteamiento de como las personas a veces nos estancamos en el pasado dejando ir el presente…

Escogí esta canción por que creo que va perfectamente con el Amor que le profesa Junah a Wanee.

Pelicula Coreana: Wanee & Junah
Actor : Joo Jin Mo 주진모
Canción: The moon represents my heart By Teresa Teng (R.I.P)


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