Last year around the same time, the Garden set up a special page for fans to leave their words for Joo Jin Mo. That page was dedicated to Joo Jin Mo’s 35th Birthday – luckily, when the Garden was still a infant, we had a chance to collect greetings from 20+ fans all over the world. The following clip was dedicated to Jin Mo’s 35th birthday (September, 2009).

Great news is: this year, we are going to do it again – hopefully we can make a much better one. Here are 2 ways for each one of you to make it happen:

For those of you who has registered with the Garden forum, please CLICK HERE to leave your greetings in the Garden forum, where you can attach an image file or a video clip if you want. Please leave your name, city, country, because Jin Mo would love to know where all his fans are from.

For those of you who hasn’t registered with the Garden forum and feels too busy to do so, please feel free to leave your greetings here as a comment – please leave your name, city, country and email.

If you don’t mind, please tell us little bit about how you fell in love with this gorgeous actor.

At last, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.



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2 Responses to “Joo Jin Mo’s Fan, You, I mean ‘You’, Are Invited!”

  1. cinderellala says:

    Hi, I’d like to leave a message for Joo Jin-mo for his birthday project, if i may still do so. I’ve come to like him in Fashion 70s, but prior to that, i’ve also seen him in 200 lbs Beauty. I never got the chance to know him better until I fell in love with him in Fashion 70s. I now appreciate his talent and charisma, and I truly believe he deserves more. I’m anticipating for his latest movie, A Better Tomorrow remake, (sorry couldn’t memorize the Korean title yet). I hope he becomes bigger after this project. Looking forward too to his next movie project, Beautiful Us.

    my message for Joo Jin-mo:

    Happy Birthday, Joo Jin-mo ssi. Wish you all the luck, good health and happiness. May your coming film projects become big hits and win you more awards. I’m your new fan from the Philippines. Take care and stay gorgeous.

    Manila, Philippines

  2. reda ryan says:

    주진모씨 생일 축하합니다

    I love u soooooooooooooo much i’m learining korean language because of you
    I wish you alllllllllllll the best in the world

    reda from Egypt

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