A Special Post from TukeyJJM @ Thai Fan Club on August 12th – Special Report on Joo Jin Mo’s 36th Birthday

Dear all Joo Jin Mo fan in garden :-*

We (Joo Jin Mo’s Thai Fanclub) had a special happy birthday party when Joo Jin Mo turned 36 year old.

Joo Jin Mo’s Thai Fanclub made merit by providing meal for the orphans

at “Pak Kret Home For Boys” On Saturday 7th August 2010.

We thought that we help orphans in a few things in the name of Joo Jin Mo.

Joo Jin Mo feel glad and happy. On his birthday.

Video clip Happy Birthday Joo Jin Mo 2010 from Joo Jin Mo’s Thai Fanclub :-*

Dear Fellow Fans,

To be honest, this video clip drove me to tears and I’ve decided to join them next year and all the following years whenever they have this kind of event. If you have any thought, please feel free to leave comments below or in the Garden forum at http://www.joojinmo.org/forum/for-joo-jin-mo-s-36th-birthday-specially/special-received-in-mail-today-august-11th-2010/

Appreciate your time and attention.

Let us wish our dear Mr. Joo Jin Mo a very happy birthday.

With love,

Orange/LoveJooJinMo (time to change my ID, :) )

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