Joo Jin Mo’s Garden is dedicated to create an online community where Joo Jin Mo and his fans all over the world can spend time together, share their feeling.

Hopefully it becomes a real garden where Joo Jin Mo and his fans love to hang around and an escape from their busy life.

Joo Jin Mo's Garden

Joo Jin Mo's Garden

Do You Know A Brand New Forum Had Just Been Added To the Garden?

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4 Responses to “About the Garden”

  1. Nisru says:

    Hello, my charismatic Korel. Best actor. I ask God For a Flower and he gives me a garden. I ask God For a niver and he gives me and ocean.I ask God For a love and it’s you he gives me.You are the sun that always. Doubt thou the stars are fire,Doubt thou the sun does move,Doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt. ı love Forget me not, Forget me never I LOVEYOU AND I MİS YOU VERY MUSCH…….. TURKISH WOMEN

  2. Nisru says:

    For Joo Jin Mo

    “I Want a Country”

    I want a country
    Let the sky be blue, the bough green, the cornfield yellow
    Let it be a land of birds and flowers

    I want a country
    Let there be no pain in the head, no yearning in the heart
    Let there be an end to brothers’ quarrels

    I want a country
    Let there be no rich and poor, no you and me
    On winter days let everyone have hose and home

    I want a country
    Let living be like loving from the heart
    If there must be complaint, let it be of death

    Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

  3. Nisru says:

    Island Feelings
    once upon a time, all the emotions have lived on an island. happiness, sadness, patience, anger, fear, arrogance, wisdom, love … all the emotions on the island to this island \ feelings Island \ de. island of calm emotions, one day, from one location can not be determined, will bat in the direction of the island in a few days had heard persistent announcement. The first time that I thought it was some big joke ber, but the announcement was continued, the situation is considered serious, the one separated from the island to have two. its own sense of almost every boat or yacht or ship is to leave the island was relatively easy for them. but love \ in a small boat did not know. so, one will find him until necessarily remain on the island. A large portion of emotions in one of the days when leaving the island, said island, such as the announcement began to sink slowly. On top of this, love, high up a rock and began to ask for help from the island yet separated from the other emotions. First, the richness of a yacht saw a large and beautiful. wave has been shouting loudly: – Are you gonna take me in wealth? down each side of the pile, showing the richness of things: – I can not get no. said – you see, gold silver, emeralds, we have run out of lies. not for you. wealth does not see the truth of love, a bit further back, a big variety saw a sailboat. understand that this sailing is carefully snootiness \ in: – arrogance, arrogance … I do not know my boat, the island is sinking in, help me please! – I can not help you. snootiness said. – You look a little ragged; sailboat going to disrupt my airs. The love in the face of this response, so sorry, get on a boat and taking a square shovel, the sadness \ yu real at that time. love this time decided to ask for help from him: – sadness, I may come to you? – Oh dear love! He said grief. – Have decided to go alone so I’m sorry for that! this response, further increasing the sadness of love, to face towards the other side of the island, a barge on the joy of someone who saw the jump. happiness, this. have also called him the love, but that happiness was so happy, love to have him yell even realize. Who continue to call for desperate happiness in love, suddenly, a voice was heard closer – come here love! I’ll take you. very happy and will love running through these steps to the beach ran an oldish man had jumped into his boat to call. without it a lot with the boat, the islands have been buried with the dead in the water. love, in this case is called up to get her feelings are not called him this boat was heavy feeling in head hair has thanked repeatedly. But until that day on the island of emotion not seen the name of the elderly, even forgot to ask, but that has landed and after a real goodbye. then came one of these days they get this new found wisdom in the land, the name does not even ask the friendly name of the elderly and asked them to describe. – It can not be other than experience. wisdom they have to respond. – Experience? So why only helped the band? – Because. wisdom said, – love can understand the real value, but experience

  4. Nisru says:

    Love the darkness of night, strong winds, just the way I love you.
    You sometimes the sun of my pitch-dark night, you sometimes courage laws of life will be so happy, and always love you, sometimes the only reason …
    I’m like the stars they so fascinating, attractive and beautiful, but the only difference between millions of them you get one sea, the sand of the beach, when memories of the past; deleted. [...]

    LOVEJJM…KOREL cool …

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