hi this is Cinderellala.

I don’t know where to post my comments on Fashion 70s. I have to say this has become one of my all time favorite dramas. for some this is not an easy drama to watch, but i somehow found myself getting engrossed with each twist and turn. not to mention the love angle between the leads, Dong-young and Do-mi. I likewise love Kang-hee and Jang Bin, plus the mother Yang-ja and the father, and the curly haired student, and also Jang Bong-shil.

My favorite part should be the helicopter scene the first time DY met DM in Mongkol Island, and the time both promised to stay. that was very sweet.

Is JJM close to the cast? I understand he said he’s closer to Lee Yo-won than Kim Ah-joong. she’s among his Twitter friends, right? how about CJM, is he close to him too and Kim Min-jung?

I find Fashion 70s a memorable drama for its beautiful story, and for reintroducing JJM to me.

Hello, it’s me again. Thank you, LoveJJM for this thread. I’ll try to gather all my thoughts re Fashion 70s and share more insights. it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve finished the marathon and I’m still so in love with it.

i’ve watched quite a number of K-series and hardly have i come across a storyline as engaging as Fashion 70s. The plot and the subplots were woven seamlessly that I found myself searching for the name of its screenwriter, whose name Jung Sung-hee I’ve memorized the whole night so I won’t give her (not sure if the writer’s a she) the disservice when referring to her works in the future.

I specifically like the war era as its initial setting. It’s not a Taekugi in terms of production design but the scenes are just as heartbreaking when the families are being torn apart. The twists are unpredictable, proving me wrong one after the other. Among the four child actors, I find the young Kang-hee as the most talented. She isn’t as pretty as the young Joon-hee, but when she cries, there’s something in her eyes that seems to beg for a little space in your heart.

I remember one scene where Yang-ja climbed up the window, with the intention to take her daughter away. From the moment she was convincing Kang-hee to leave to the sequence where she saw her daughter saying goodbye to the surrogate father, Song Ok-sook just blew me away. I could hardly breathe when she was running out of the house and her daughter was chasing her in the rain. Is there anything more heartbreaking than a mother abandoning her child?

Young Joon-hee looked so adorable with that set of big round eyes. I love the way she smirked, her pouting lips and the scene where she called her mother the stepmom in Cinderella. LOL! I found myself getting so protective of her that when she woke up inside the trunk, suffocating from the lack of air, I was clutching my blanket hoping someone would finally come and let her out.

Who could ignore the classy Jang Bong-shil? I kinda disliked her in the beginning but her character eventually grew on me. The part when she looked so helpless in front of a rebelling son whose hatred for her seem to be unceasing made me wince a bit. It’s always hard to watch scenes like that. Btw, I know a lot of fans would agree if I say Lee Hye-young seems to be very classy in real life. You just can not fake it.

Do-mi… ahhh. I have so much to say about her unruly eyebrows in the early part of the series. I thought to myself, didn’t they notice her thick eyebrows? I was itching to get a tweezer, no joke. It was very distracting and it also made me think they should have gotten a prettier actress. But as the series progressed, I was delighted to see her face becoming more and more refined. (I think I saw her wedding pic and her eyebrows weren’t this thick! Did the production people do this on purpose?) Of course, I was rooting for her and Dong-young, all the way. I was applauding whenever she’d turn Jang Bin down, because she knew in her heart she could only love one man. I love (wait, I love this scene the most) it when they were on the beach, promising each other that they won’t ever leave Mangkol Island.

Dong-young: I’m not leaving. How about you?

Do-mi : I’m not leaving too.

(hear me *scream*)

If only for this scene, I’d definitely proclaim Fashion 70s as one of the most romantic series I’ve ever watched.

One confession coming up.

The reason I stumbled upon this series was because of Cheon Jeong-myeong. Notice my username, cinderellala. I’ve just finished Cinderella’s Sister weeks ago, and because I was smitten by this young man, I searched for his previous works and Fashion 70s was one of the most recommended. And so without warning, I borrowed the box set and started the marathon. But before I go to the main point, let me analyze Jang Bin first. Clearly he was the third wheel here, and I was a bit dissatisfied at how his role was written. It was bland, like he was put there to fill up a spot. (His character was vital but I’m saying it somehow felt that way when I was watching his parts.) Until the part where his right arm was injured. Oh boy, that really made me pay attention to his character. He portrayed a man in pain, literally and figuratively, to the hilt. I love how CJM managed to draw so much attention with his brand of acting. And who could forget the way he shouted in his mother’s face, and when he was confronting her for abandoning him when he was little. I didn’t like his persistence in pursuing Do-mi, though. But I like the way he chose to keep his bond with Dong-young out of their love entanglement.

Kang-hee. I choose to leave this character second to the last. As I feel so much for her. K-series don’t make me cry that easy. But as the story was coming to its conclusion, I was totally overwhelmed by the decisions she made and the tragedy she chose to accept. I cried bucket of tears in her last moments, when the irony of life was finally rendering its maximum effect. I love how on the surface she seemed to be the antagonist, (she was made to look like one even in her childhood, being exposed to the harshness of life early on, learning the ways of thievery and be corrupt in order to survive.) but as layers of the story began to peel off, it was clear to me that she is the real protagonist in the story. Easily one of the most unforgettable characters of K-dramas in my book.

Dear Joo Jin Mo’s fan, this is the first half of this nice article.

To read more of Cinderellala’s Fashion 70′s review – please Click HERE.

Thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to leave your comment below or in the forum.

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Wish Joo Jin Mo’s 2009 drama “Dream” a big success in Japan. Also, Joo Jin Mo will visit Japan for My Dream promotion on June 27th

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Joo Jin Mo - Punch episode 16 - a Previous Helpless Boy

Joo Jin Mo - Punch episode 16 - a Previous Helpless Boy

Joo Jin Mo - Punch episode 16 - A Previous Helpless Boy Finally Felt Released

Joo Jin Mo - Punch episode 16 - A Previous Helpless Boy Finally Felt Released

Dear Jin Mo’s fans, have you seen Jin Mo’s Punch (SBS, 2004)? That is my favorite drama of Jin Mo. To see more screenshots from Joo Jin Mo’s Punch, click here.

Do you feel love and anything more in Jin Mo’s eyes?

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This clip was initially inspired by HY, Hong Kong, in her post in the Garden forum.  HY just watched Punch and it became one of her favorite – we got excited enough to make this clip – with the images, the title and the song picked by HY, LoveJooJinMo finished the video making part .  When making this clip, we believe the lyrics of What a Feeling by Irene Cara tells exactly what we want to express to Jin Mo – love, respect and care.   Hope you enjoy this ‘show’, :)

For your convenience, here is the lyrics:


What a Feeling?

First, when there’s nothing

but a slow glowing dream

That your fear seems to hide

deep inside your mind

All alone I have cried silent tears full of pride

In a world made of steel

made of stone

Well I hear the music

close my eyes, feel the rhythm

Wrap around, take a hold of my heart

What a feeling, being’s believing’

I can’t have it all, now I’m dancin’ for my life

Take your passion, and make it happen

Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life

Now I hear the music,

close my eyes, I am rhythm

In a flash it takes hold of my heart

What a feeling

Being’s believing’ (I am real now)

I can’t have it all,

now I’m dancin’ for my life

Take your passion, and make it happen

Pictures come alive,

you can dance right through your life

What a feeling …


Dear Jin Mo,

Take Your Passion, Make It Happen. You Can Dance Right Through Your Life.

Your Fans in Joo Jin Mo’s Garden


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——–The following article was written by HY, from Hong Kong, a loyal fan of Joo Jin Mo, who first posted it in the Garden forum.  Hopefully more people are able to see this well written article about Joo Jin Mo’s Drama “Punch”. —-

Joo Jin Mo’s Expressions of Love and Pain

This clip captures those bits when my heart goes out to Han-sae and Yoo-bin.

JJM’s character, Han-sae, is guilty of indirectly causing Yoo-bin’s brother’s death. Yoo-bin does not know this. She believes that Han-sae is her brother’s friend, a guardian angel sent by her dead brother to take care of her. Han-sae also feels for Yoo-bin, but he did not have the courage to confess his love for her, or to tell her what he knew about her brother’s death. He is afraid of losing her.

In these few scenes, we see Han-sae struggling to be true to himself. He tries to play cool, act as if he is just Yoo-bin’s coach or brother. But his heart does not lie. His affections for Yoo-bin was intensely displayed when he prepares her for the boxing match, when he agonizes over her game (watch those moments at 1.03 to 1.21 and 2.37 to 2.59). When Yoo-bin hugged him, he dared not reciprocate (watch that expression at about 1.49 to 1.51). He could only watch helplessly when he saw that Yoo-bin was still traumatized by her brother’s death. He wanted so much to love her and hold her, but he stopped himself (I feel that the kiss in the telephone booth is emotionally charged, but not passionate – because Han-sae was holding back).

The emotions in these few scenes are in huge contrast to the emotions in the first part of the drama – when we were introduced to a sunny, positive, energetic Han-sae. Han-sae keeps no secrets and holds no grudges. He seems to be happy and having fun everyday. He has a great relationship with his mother. He will not hesitate to stand up to the bullies – you get the feeling that he has a great support network and is able to deal with any challenge in life. Now for once, Han-sae does not know what to do. He is not himself. He is suffering. Yoo-bin holds the key to help them let go of the past and give their love a chance. And he has to patiently wait for her to decide – that takes tremendous courage on her part. To my relief, love triumphs.

JJM has mentioned in some of his interviews that while he did not have formal acting training, he acts FROM HIS HEART. Perhaps that is why his performance is so moving and so memorable. I often feel he becomes the character.

——To Find More Great Articles/Posts about Joo Jin Mo, Please Visit the Garden Forum at http://www.joojinmo.org/forum/ ———————–

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Just found this clip online. Credit to Tagstory.com. Hopefully somebody who knows korean can help here. Don’t know exactly what Jin Mo’s saying, but very nice to see his shinning smile.

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Title in Korean: 20회 주진모, 이보영의 엔딩결혼식

You can use google translate tool to translate to English or your native language if necessary.

Acknowledge: Thank [카페] 적우(박노희)를 사랑하는 마음@tv.daum.net who shares this clip with all Jin Mo’s fans in the world.

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This is a SBS official MV.

Actually I want to ask “Whose love is crying? ” Bum’s frustration from the bad news? Or Jin Mo’s adversity? Or what?

Acknowledge: Thank Korewind@youtube.com who shared this clip with all Jin Mo’s fans in the world.

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Check out Jin Mo around 0:12, his eyes tell you he is a great actor!

Acknowledge: Thank yumee93@youtube.com who shares this clip with all Jin Mo’s fans in the world.

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Isn’t this song beautiful? Check out Jin Mo around 1:04, 1:26 or (1:34?) and 1:48. Jin Mo looks gorgeous in this drama.

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