Amidst my boredom and my discontentment with the dramas airing on TV right now I am so happy to stumbled into one of my favorite korean actors recent movie. It is called Sarang also known as A Love. It was released during the Korean Thanksgiving Holiday (Cheosuk).

For people who are so cynical about love, this is one movie you may want to skip. This is all about pure love. A kind of love we always dream of but unfortunately few people actually experiences it. Some may even call it unrealistic but all I can say is that there are things that may sound so improbable to achieve but not too impossible to gain. I also believe that while there are still a lot of women out there who secretly dreams for an ideal man who will forever protect them from harm’s away even in the face of death, there are also a lot of men out there that clings to their ideal women who are so innocent, fragile and pure with the long straight hair.

In-jo (Joo Jin Mo, 200 Pounds of Beauty, Queen of The Game) grew up loving Mee-joo (Park Si-Yeon, When Spring Comes, My Girl). They lost contact for about 10 years then meet again as high school students. Since they share common tragic bacgrounds, they made a vow this time to protect each other no matter what the circumstances may be. It took him seven years to confessed his love for her.

One day, when In-jo heard about a loan shark, Chi Kuan who was harrasing Mee-jo and tried taking advantage of her because her mom couldn’t pay the loan, he went to talk to Chi Kuan and then stabbed him. It landed him in jail.

After he served his prisontime, he got himself a construction job, did well and became the owner’s right hand man. He was given a second chance in life so he buries his one great love in a distant memory but destiny played its hand, he crossed path with Mee-joo again. This time she is the mistress of his very own boss, the very person who gave him a new and better life.

The director of this movie is Kwak Kyung-Taek who also helmed “Friend” in 2001. His movies are known for appealing to the male audience focusing mostly on strong passionate male leads with the hint of violence.

This movie is no different, In-ho is a loyal, intense, passionate man and to my delight Joo Jin Mo was able to portray his role brilliantly.

The story may be too old fashion for some but I love Joo Jin Mo so naturally it’s good for me.

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Acknowledge: Thank who shared this video with all Jin Mo’s fans in the world.

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I guess Jin Mo got some weight for this movie – he looks so strong with his suit on, and so sharp as he always is, :)

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Joo Jin Mo - A Frozen Flower - 2008 - Best Leading Actor Award

Joo Jin Mo - A Frozen Flower - 2008 - Best Actor Award

A Frozen Flower is a visually stunning historical based Korean homosexual and heterosexual tragic film with valued lessons to the viewers.

It was amazingly successful not only in Korea but also in Asian and some European countries.

It was thoughtfully created by Director Yoo Ha and starring South Korean Super Actors: Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Seong and Actress Song Ji_hyo.

This tragedy set in the nearly ending Korean’s Goryeo Dynasty that was in the late 14th Century. At that time, Goryeo Dynasty was authorized by China’s Yuan Dynasty.
The story explores forbidden love and forbidden lust between Goryeo King ( Joo Jin Mo ), his chief bodyguard ( Jo In Seong ) and the Queen ( Song Ji_hyo), ultimately leading to devastation and tragic ending of Goryeo Dynasty.

The film starts to display teenager of ambitious Goryeo King has trained the bodyguards called Kunryongwe. Among them, Hong Lim is the only one apple of King’s eyes. They grew together happily in the palace.

When Goryeo King matured enough, he got marriage with the Princess of Yuan. Nevertheless, because the king was homosexual, he didn’t have sexual relationship with the Queen.

The King was so lovingly attached to Hong Lim that he shared his bed with Hong Lim who became Chief bodyguard of the Goryeo King and they have had homosexual relationship.

The Queen noticed that such relationship at which she felt lonely and envious to Hong Lim but she could able to do nothing.

The main problem has been started since Yuan Emperor demanded to the Goryeo King that if he will not have a son, he will be replaced with a Yuan’s people as Crown Prince. In such situation, the Goryeo King definitely required to have a son to safe the Goryeo Kingdom from Yuan. So, he decided to do a untoward thing that he gave incontestable order to Hong Lim to sleep with the Queen to impregnate instead of himself because he did trust Hong Lim

The King, however, didn’t note that it was his enormously dangerous miscalculation causing brutal, bloody and unexpected tragic consequences leading to death. One day, the King tremendously discovered that Hong Lim and the Queen fell in love with each other and felt that they both betrayed to him.

Although the King tried to stop the situation, uncontrollable lust continued to occur between the Queen and Hong Lim. When the King found out both of them in action in Library, his jealousy and anger was maximally exploded that the almighty King brutally ordered to castrate
Hong Lim as punishment.

Ultimately, the castrated Hong Lim who was blinded by foolish desires did assassinate the King. Hong Lin was also killed by second chief bodyguard.

Jin Mo’s character in this movie is as a homosexual gay King who is very charming, almighty, expert in sword and geomungo as well. His actual spirit is urging to save the Kingdom. On the other hand, he loves blindly, one-sidedly, obsessively and too extremely to his chief bodyguard.

Because of his miscalculation and over-trust upon his chief bodyguard, he was betrayed by his bisexual lover (Hong Lim) and his Queen to develop jealousy and maximal explosion of anger leading to brutal events and undesirable death.

I’m perfectly captured by Jin Mo’s various marvelous facial expressions to reveal his love, gentle kindness, sorrow, loneliness, pain, jealousy and anger.

The scene I’d like most is in the Library, when he saw unexpectedly Hong Lim and the Queen in action and when he heard Hong Lim’s saying that he admitted to love the Queen. Gradual, very subtle, serial emotional changes of his facial expressions especially his beautiful
magic eyes in this scene are breathtakingly amazing.

Moreover, the scene that also really did work for me is the final one. Actually, Hong Lim couldn’t able to kill the King and the King got the upper hand upon Hong lim. At that time, The King really didn’t want to kill his lover and asked him that “Have you, at least once…. Felt love
for me? Have you …. Ever once…. Thought me to be your love?” Hong Lim replied” No Sir, not even once”. At that moment, Hong Lim have got a chance to kill him successfully when the King’s hands on the handle of his sword loosened because the King felt that all his full devoting
genuine love for his chief bodyguard was despaired of and his presence of mind deserted from him.

In addition, the song that the King sang is very lovely, beautifully and enchantingly. It is really matched with Jin Mo’s awesome voice. I also love this scene.

Jin Mo has won deservedly the best lead actor award with this movie in 45th Baek sang Art Award ceremony at 27th February 2009.

This awesome movie which is truly absorbing and it’s a watchable one as well, conveys the valued lessons to the viewers.

The first significant point made in Frozen Flower speaks to the audience that of” The nearest and the dearest one can transform at any time into the nearest enemy”.

Frozen Flower does a good job of reminding us moreover that only once miscalculation because of over-trust to someone can be extracted his entire life to end with tragic death. So, another lesson we have to notice is “Never over- trust to anyone” and that over- trust is an
undesirable risk.

The final powerful lesson is both forbidden love and forbidden lust can be harmful to the body, mind, and spirit and ultimately devastating to all.

These lessons from this movie that deliver to the viewers may have some relevance and can be used to apply them to a real world environment.

To sum up, apart from excessive unnecessary sex and violence scenes, this movie, A Frozen Flower is very uplifting, touching and also Angels sent Jin Mo’s incredibly excellent and efficient acting can be explored in this movie.

Congratulations to Jin Mo with this article.

Author: Snow White, A Loyal Fan of Joo Jin Mo

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