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Joo Jin Mo’s Garden is still pretty young. If you don’t mind, let us work closer to make it a real garden for Joo Jin Mo and his fans from every corner of the world.

Any comments or questions from you will be appreciated.

You can reach us anytime at contactus@joojinmo.org, your comments are welcome and your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

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17 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Nisru says:

    Very successful and a strong actor Joo Jin. Do not continue shooting drama of the moment?Most of my others, which is like a series of beautiful and super!Very successful as a singer with a beautiful tone in songs like me söylüyor.Bu Is there any concerts?JIN JOO (I’m cool Korel)

    Turkish lady

    • gizem says:

      merhaba bnde joo jin mo ya çok hayran biriyim sizin bu sitede yaptıklarınızı gördüm ve bu çok hoşuma gitti doğum günü için video çalışmaları yapılmış bnde bunun içinde olmak istiyorum iletişim kurarsanız sevinirim

  2. Nisru says:

    Hi, I typed one wanted to let jojin.
    I ‘m sorry I love you.My charismatic KOREL JOJİN

  3. Nisru says:

    ——————For Joo Jin Mo’s Birthday—————–
    Thirty-AGE FIVE

    The age is thirty-five! Half of the way!
    We’re in the middle of life like a Dante.
    The fire we felt at the time of our youth,
    When complaining is no use any longer,
    Goes out without caring about tears.

    Did it snow on my temples or what’s this?
    God, this wrinkled face belongs to me?
    Or those purple bulges beneath my eyes?
    Why did you become enemy to me,
    Oh the mirrors I knew as friends for years.

    How the man changes with time!
    The man at those pictures is not me.
    Oh those days, my desires, and excitement!
    This cheerful man is not me.
    That I lack of troubles is but a lie.

    My first love like only a dream,
    Is now strange even as a memory.
    Our ways separated, one by one;
    With the friends we began our lives,
    My loneliness gradually increases.

    There was also another color of sky!
    I recognized a stone hard so late.
    Water would drown man, fire would burn!
    Everyday, rising, is a trouble,
    One understands when he comes to this age.

    Quince’s yellow, pomegranate’s red autumns!
    Which I accept a little further each year.
    Why are the birds still circling around at sky?
    Why is this funeral? Who died again?
    How many gardens did I see such topsy-turvy?

    What can you do, death comes to all us.
    You fall asleep, and you do not wake up.
    Who knows, where, how, at what age?
    You will have a single prayer long sovereignty,
    By the grave stone as if it was your throne.

    Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

  4. Nisru says:

    Nick The Chopper-Eyvallah

    Down in the forrest Near a village
    Lived the man called
    Nick The Chopper
    Chopping woods he s game
    And makin money
    Carring nought for trees
    He blindly chops on
    Never to be married
    He never washes
    He never went to scholl
    Nick The Chopper
    Chopping woods he s game
    And Gettin Money
    Does`nt car for life or even for a friend
    He s dirty old man
    Nick The Chopper
    He s dirty old man
    Nick The Chopper
    A very old man
    He had decided
    To make his fortune
    Nick the Chopper
    Chopping woods he s game
    He couldnt stop it
    He wants to cut down all the forrest
    The trees they hated him
    They Made a promise
    Give him a lesson
    Nick the Chopper
    Chopping woods he s game
    He couldnt stop it
    But as the story goes
    He is beaten at his game
    He s a dirty old man
    Nick The Chopper
    We re gonna kill you
    Nick the chopper
    Strangle you with branches
    Nick The Chopper

    Baris Manço

  5. Nisru says:

    All the colors of the world one day gathered together, and what color was the most important is the private discussion began: GREEN said: “Of course the most important colors .. my life and I hope .. I am the color of grass, trees, leaves my selected for .. like a yeryüzüne See, every side I covered my color … ” BLUE was taken immediately: “You only are the colors of the earth .. what about me? I hem of the sky and I am the color of the sea. The sky’s blue gives people peace of mind, and without peace no you do not work” YELLOW words were: “You’re kidding? I to the world the temperature My color The color of the sun .. .. I am. not if you are freezing cold all “ORANGE he was cut in:” What about me? health and resistance to I color of the … human life vitamins necessary for me always has my colors .. orange, carrot Imagine .. I In the most visible color may not be born, but when the sun sink and when the beautiful sky with the color, too. I am. Do not forget “Red could not stand more,” I am all over from! I am sanguine! Blood is life without you!, I dare danger and the color I am! I am the color of war and fire! I am the colors of love and passion! me this world would be empty! ” MOR rise, he said: “from the top of all my dignity and .. I am a power color. All kings, leaders have chosen me .. me authority and I am the color of wisdom, people do not question me .. listens and obeys,” and all the colors in unison to fight had grip .. . jostle each other is “My biggest” he said … then .. In a time of lightning and crash began to rain droplets falling from the sky … What colors have been all that surprised, had hugged each other with fear .. and hear the sound of rain is … “You stupid colors .. this fight what’s meant, that your efforts over why? You Do not know that every one of you for a different tasks have been created, are different from each other and every one of you are special to your own … Now, hand in hand grip and come to me” the color on it from them was very ashamed .. hand grip and a spring had aired, and the sky took the tab .. Yağmur them “from now on …” said .. “you yadığında each rain combined with a riot of colors in the sky.’ll lie down to earth and people will hear you when they see the peace, power, will find .. people will hope for tomorrow ….. sky like a generation, and you’ll wind KKU G Ö Þ A Ğ I will say is .. it’s a bargain? ” Therefore, when our world, but rain washed, and then in the sky G Ö. M F U S A G I will appear .. We are different from each other, such as those colors in the rainbow and all of us around in compliance with our private lives as we know .. it should.

  6. Nisru says:

    Feelings of love and
    Live on an island that had all the emotions: happiness, sadness, Information, and all others, including Love. One day, the island is sinking, feeling the news was given after all, the island was preparing to leave for the boat. Love, sentiment on the island was left to the last, because you want to wait until the last possible have. * When the island would almost bankrupt, Love decided to ask for help. Wealth, a big boat in the late. Love, “Diversity, will take me, are you?” was asked. Wealth, “No, I can not get. A lot of gold and silver in my boat has no place for you.” I was talking love, is very good from a sailboat in the pride I have requested help. “pride, please help me!” pride “can not help you, Love, and the soaking wet can ruin my sailboat.” I have to respond. Wanted to help close sorrow and love: “sadness, I come to you.” “Of, Love, so sorry that I need to stay alone.” Happiness in the past Love’s side, but I was so happy to hear that call of love. Love, suddenly heard a sound. “Come Love! I do I get my hand …” This was one of love than in the elderly. Love was so lucky and happy feeling that, next to the field with him to find out who not to mind. A new piece of land there, they had continued on its way to help to love. We have noticed how much you owe him the love, ask for information, he said: “Who would you help me?” “O, The Time,” he had answered Information. “What is the time?” Why would you help me? “He asked Love. Information smile, he said:” Because only Time is Love I can understand how big of … “

  7. Nisru says:

    Don ‘t be upset at the pace of life, the best years are passing quickly … will form the future of each new day, better the previous day, the request is in accordance with and I wish you to be happy. Always a smile on the face of it, because you are very worthy. Daha nice mutlu years….

  8. Nisru says:

    Will form the future of each new day, better the previous day, the request is in accordance with and I wish you to be happy. Nice Christmas

  9. Nisru says:

    Hmmmm why I’m having this message, I forgot, I do not remember nothing. Let me see .. pausing found:) Happy birthday you!

  10. jjmlove says:

    hi there,
    where can i find/buy music album of songs by joo jin mo, if any

  11. Nisru says:

    Impossible to write the last line of my hearts that I am,
    Hidden depths of my heart, my dreams have crumple spite.
    I understand the sound from inside, out of my face,
    Now I would not fight without you purposely do not exercise discrimination.


  12. Nisru says:

    I ‘m sorry I love you.My charismatic KOREL JOJİN

  13. Nisru says:

    Myself not to look in the mirror a big heart
    And then the big one you saw him in his heart.

    Rain hit the window to you,
    I understand that, then I’d cry.
    Window to the rain hit, the
    I shot my heart is in tears;
    Just like the rain ..

    If all the stars in the sky rather than up to me all the people
    A couple of stars shining in your eyes, I would send.

  14. Nisru says:

    miss you so much
    night, my eyes
    Expenses thousand ships come again
    autumn wind
    When broken branches
    separate the leaves fall
    Do you live say

    If I were I would be
    I would be rain
    would fall from the clouds
    would stop at Lashes

    If I were I would be
    I would be wind
    es at sea would
    I would sleep in the heart

    Do you remember I was
    Do you remember I was
    Keep you love clouds come
    still resolve

    Do you remember I was
    Do you remember I was
    you love the sea and arrive late
    still resolve

    FOR JJM…..

  15. olivechenyy says:

    He is so attractive. we all love him so much. he is always the king in our eyes.

    we were so exciting about seeing so many videos & pictures pretty good.

    could i share these things with other MO’s fans in China ?

  16. Bonnie says:


    How are you doing?

    My name is Bonnie, the one of administraors of JJMnet (www.joojinmo.net – Chinese forum), we would like to contact with you for making friendness with your site..

    Our forum is a young one for Jin Mo, and just opened in July 2009.
    Welcome your coming, and hoping let us to able to link your and our logo each other.. And however, weclome any info sharing between you and us.

    Best Regards,

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