Joo Jin Mo – Movies from 1999 to 2008

Moo Jeak Ja (2010)

A Frozen Flower (2008)

A Love/Sarang (2007)

200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

Puzzle (2006)

Liar (2004)

Wanee & Junah (2001)

Musa: The Warrior (2001)

Real Fiction (2000)

Happy End (1999)

Dance Dance (1999)

Joo Jin Mo – TV Series from 1999 to 2009

Dream (SBS, 2009)

Queen of the Game (SBS, 2006)

Fashion 70′s (SBS, 2005)

Bicheonmu (SBS, 2004)

Punch (SBS, 2003)

Turn Your Angry Face (KBS, 2000)

Sad Temptation (KBS, 1999)

Joo Jin Mo - A Frozen Flower
Joo Jin Mo – A Frozen Flower
Joo Jin Mo - A Love
Joo Jin Mo – A Love
Joo Jin Mo - 200 Pound Beauty
Joo Jin Mo – 200 Pound Beauty
Joo Jin Mo - Puzzle
Joo Jin Mo – Puzzle
Joo Jin Mo - Musa The Warrior
Joo Jin Mo – Musa The Warrior
Joo Jin Mo - Real Fiction
Joo Jin Mo – Real Fiction
Joo Jin Mo - Wanee & Junah
Joo Jin Mo – Wanee & Junah
Joo Jin Mo - Wanee & Junah
Joo Jin Mo – Wanee & Junah
Joo Jin Mo - Puzzle
Joo Jin Mo – Puzzle
Joo Jin Mo - Movie - Liar
Joo Jin Mo – Movie – Liar
Joo Jin Mo - Happy End
Joo Jin Mo – Happy End
Joo Jin Mo - Happy End
Joo Jin Mo – Happy End

Joo Jin Mo - Movie - Dance Dance, 1999
Joo Jin Mo – Movie – Dance Dance, 1999
SBS 2009 Drama "Dream" Official
SBS 2009 Drama “Dream” Official
Joo Jin Mo - Queen of The Game
Joo Jin Mo – Queen of The Game
Joo Jin Mo - Fashion 70s
Joo Jin Mo – Fashion 70′s
Joo Jin Mo - Bicheonmu
Joo Jin Mo – Bicheonmu
Joo Jin Mo - Punch
Joo Jin Mo – Punch
Joo Jin Mo - Drama - Sad Temptation
Joo Jin Mo – Drama – Sad Temptation

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5 Responses to “Jin Mo’s Filmography”

  1. Nisru says:


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  4. Fon says:

    เล่นเก่งมากเลย ฉันชอบคุณเล่นเรื่อง แฟชั่น70 มากเลย

  5. Mis Thanh says:

    I’m From Vietnam. I like watch “Punch”. Help me?

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